Stuart O'Deegan age - 28 male I smell most like... cheddar cheese.

The New York Jets stink.
Why do I follow them, help.
Geno Smith can't throw.

It was a long day.
Wife, kids, boss, I'm so tired.
Will I ever smile?

Sunday is over.
Monday is coming too soon.
Why am I so short?

The shower is hot.
The towel is soft and comfy.
Buicks are crap cars.

Donkeys are stubborn/
Just like the people I know/
I could use new friends.

Why do I wear ties?
They are uncomfortable.
Let's bring back neck scarfs!

I sit on my couch.
Attached to the TV set.
The bong smoke rises.

Dutch bobsled pussy
There is no "I" in BOBSLED.
Nice epitaph dude.

Figure Skating rocks.
Just like NASCAR I wait for
them to crash and fall.

I am damn lazy
I love japanese culture
But don't like Grandma