Ian Kalman www.baldguygreetings.com Bald Guy Greetings/Writer Why do I Haiku?
To show off my command of syllables.
I smell most like... rain on a warm Summer's evening.

Haiku has come back?
Glad it's back up and running.
Here is one I wrote!

The Louie Awards,
Winner of Best Thank You card,
It's Bald Guy Greetings!!!

What's going on here?
Should be bigger than Google.
But oddly it's not.

I Haiku, do you?
Go to Ihearthaiku now,
Write down your thoughts, yo!

Just got the email,
The one from Mr. Haiku,
And then I wrote this.

Happy Birthday, Lloyd,
I know I'm two days early,
Hope you get good cards.

I do love my girl,
But when it comes down to it,
Ihearthaiku, man.

The Bald Guy is scared,
Trixie's haiku close to first,
Please vote for the bald.

It's just been too long,
Since I've written a Haiku,
I miss it so much.

Anti Obama?
That doesn't even make sense.
McCain? Palin? Whaaaaaaaaaat?