Team Haiku

Pam Thomas is an award winning commercial director, who has worked all over the world. She has also directed episodes of both Desperate Housewives and Sex In The City. Pam’s freakishly large head was once compared to the size of a car battery.

Lloyd Stein is also an award winning commercial director. He’s directed two super bowl spots, one of which is listed in the top 25 of all time. Lloyd’s passion is scrapbooking, which he prefers to do drunk on Mai Tais.

Pam and Lloyd, met while working at MTV. They began dating on August 1st 1992 and have been together ever since.

ihearthaiku™ was created as a place for creative people to say completely unimportant things, in a challenging way. Think of it as Twitter’s smarter brother.

We hope you enjoy it.