SDG6 years ago / #924

my home for ten years
bank got it in foreclosure
moving day is here

boro boiiii
boro boiiii6 years ago / #870

Why do I haiku?
Why doth the cold wind howel?
For extra credit.

cosmic locksmith
cosmic locksmith7 years ago / #808

job descriptions galore, here
so depressing, huh?
corporate lighting that is
mattmchugh.com8 years ago / #774

Tests over Europe
say it should be safe to fly
OK... you go first
mattmchugh.com8 years ago / #773

Half in U.S. don't
pay taxes. Unfair! We all
should help fund bailouts!
mattmchugh.com8 years ago / #772

Tiger places fourth /
losing the Green Jacket and /
its golden lining
mattmchugh.com8 years ago / #737

Mexico now home
to the world's richest man and
the world's fastest mouse

StereoOne8 years ago / #722

In California
Thai food does not come with rice.
That's two bucks extra.
mattmchugh.com8 years ago / #646

Ten Best Picture noms /
That's Hollywood's box office /
stimulus package
mattmchugh.com8 years ago / #644

This is my life's goal:
To die in my seventies
with the house paid off