laidback learners
laidback learners4 years ago / #961

it's that time of year...
everything is "Mama, I
want this for Christmas!"

Todd Bawws
Todd Bawws5 years ago / #954

The Story of Hulse:
Bombay, Sesh, Lou, Turn Up, Cougs
Chatham Pulse 4 Lyfe

trixareforkids8 years ago / #776

she looks just like me
only smaller and with more

littlehorlick8 years ago / #764

tricycle wheel squeaks
every scar a story
"age 5 and obese"

Down Low
Down Low8 years ago / #710

Cough, sneeze, hack, puke, yawn.
Kids are little germ magnets.
I'm going to sleep.

JimmyJam8 years ago / #680

My wife wakes and screams.
My kids jump on me early.
I just want to sleep.

Esme8 years ago / #668

my son won't kiss me
all I get is a head butt
middle school blows chow
mattmchugh.com8 years ago / #666

Shoveling snow seems
easier when it's to help
kids build an igloo

JVP8 years ago / #656

19 little kids
different in their own ways
make my every day

daft_Ish8 years ago / #617

Please wake up at seven
Five thirty is too early
Get back in your bed