Ian Kalman www.baldguygreetings.com Bald Guy Greetings/Writer Why do I Haiku?
To show off my command of syllables.
I smell most like... rain on a warm Summer's evening.

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Mr. Haiku

Bald Guy crushed Gil.

Mr. Haiku / 8 years ago

I changed my mind. Gil and Bald Guy are evenly matched. Did we ever find out who won?? I hope they tied.

a / 8 years ago


a / 8 years ago

Who's better than you?

Blanche!! / 8 years ago

Oh, ok, I gave in and gave this a thumbs up. You are very convincing!

trixareforkids / 8 years ago

wow- that was the best haiku i've ever read. no, seriously. and you smell like rain on a summer morning, not evening.

mjurzynski / 8 years ago

You are an AMAZING haikuist!

a / 8 years ago
happy jose

I clicked.

happy jose / 8 years ago