So we’ve been up and running for a short period of time and I couldn’t be happier with the response the site is receiving. We’re almost to 500 Haikus in about 2 weeks, pretty incredible. So let me first thank everyone who has joined up and submitted haikus, I really appreciate all the support.

Next we’ve got a couple of friends that I wanted to mention (who have been kind enough to mention us on their sites).

The first is Haiku Reviewer, it’s a really cool site that celebrates all things haiku.

The second is Unemployment Haiku Weekly a really funny site that has combined two things that don’t seem like they would go together, yet for some reason they do.

Also, you guys have asked for some features added to the site and we are busy working on that stuff, I’ll update you as soon as the new features come on-line.

Thanks again.

Mr. Haiku


Well we saw our first HAIKU SMACKDOWN go down yesterday, pitting baldguygreetings against gilbert42793.  The competition was fierce, fast and furious. Voting will end at 3pm today, but so far the early results are solidly in baldguy’s corner.

I want to thank everyone for tuning in, and voting.

Who wants to step into the Haiku octagon and be the next participants in HAIKU SMACKDOWN II!!!!

welcome to ihearthaiku

Well you made it, or should I say we made it. We’ve been working on this site for a while, so we hope you enjoy it.

Our goal was to create a site where you could say completely meaningless things, in a challenging way, and by challenging I mean easier then writing a limerick, but harder than a “it’s-not-you-it’s-me” email.

If you like the site, please pass it along, and if there is something you don’t like, email us at, I’ll respond, mostly because I care, but also because I’m probably looking for any excuse not to do what I should be doing.


Mr. Haiku

ihearthaiku because you can only watch internet porn for so long.™

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