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mattmchugh.com8 years ago / #774

Tests over Europe
say it should be safe to fly
OK... you go first
mattmchugh.com8 years ago / #773

Half in U.S. don't
pay taxes. Unfair! We all
should help fund bailouts!
mattmchugh.com8 years ago / #772

Tiger places fourth /
losing the Green Jacket and /
its golden lining

nice to be back here
I've been gone for awhile
we all heart haiku

acndo8 years ago / #770

Write your Haiku here.
Yes sir, but does Simon Say?
Au revior, I'm off.

acndo8 years ago / #769

Rain rain go away
4 days is enough, okay?
We have no canoes.

acndo8 years ago / #768

Dog asleep on foot.
Silky soft pup aslumber.
Careful not to move.
mattmchugh.com8 years ago / #765

iDid not camp out
to buy an iPad, and now
iWish that iHad

littlehorlick8 years ago / #764

tricycle wheel squeaks
every scar a story
"age 5 and obese"

littlehorlick8 years ago / #763

billy's big belly.
jiggles, joggles, combobles.
eating towns and kids.

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