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What's going on here?
Should be bigger than Google.
But oddly it's not.

cookieb8 years ago / #784

Blue sun shines through green
muddy prints in white spring snow
bright wind swirls me home

Robyn 90048
Robyn 900488 years ago / #782

My Isabella,
the cat, sleeps on my office
desk like a dead cat

Robyn 90048
Robyn 900488 years ago / #781

Is Memory Foam
really all that when it comes
to buying a bed?

Robyn 90048
Robyn 900488 years ago / #780

My first Haiku on
IHeartHaiku, site of Pam
Thomas and Lloyd Stein
mattmchugh.com8 years ago / #779

For the thousandth time
I resolve to make no more
empty promises
mattmchugh.com8 years ago / #778

21 years with
same employer, so now can
I drink on the job?
mattmchugh.com8 years ago / #777

Intelligence is
not what you know, but how you
confront what you don't

trixareforkids8 years ago / #776

she looks just like me
only smaller and with more
mattmchugh.com8 years ago / #775

Each Spring, I poison
weeds, ants, moss, mice, and wonder
why my grass won't grow

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