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Hardly Stable
Hardly Stable7 years ago / #795

I have all the scents,
Instinct, Shift, and Polar too,
Except for common
mattmchugh.com8 years ago / #794

When someone's life is
a joke, their death is still sad
What you talkin' 'bout?

The Louie Awards,
Winner of Best Thank You card,
It's Bald Guy Greetings!!!

kennys1718 years ago / #792

Sitting at Starbucks
Looking out the window now
Contemplating life

fudge8 years ago / #791

what does everyone
else do, when everyone else
is away from sleep?

fudge8 years ago / #790

writing makes me think
which, is not totally bad...
but not good, either.

fudge8 years ago / #789

I just hate rainbows
mostly because they're pretty
I'm jealous i guess

trixareforkids8 years ago / #788

I think I'll have to
eat you now for reasons we
can't discuss just yet

writing a haiku
equals procrastinating
who needs to do work?

it is nice outside
its a good thing im working
thank you to highschool

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