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cosmic locksmith
cosmic locksmith7 years ago / #809

haiku virgin, not
its a seven five seven
yes, but the point is...

cosmic locksmith
cosmic locksmith7 years ago / #808

job descriptions galore, here
so depressing, huh?
corporate lighting that is
mattmchugh.com7 years ago / #807

A haiku that ain't
three lines with five-seven-five
just ain't a haiku

lupowolf7 years ago / #806

Temperatures rise.
Smelly people fill the pool.
I would rather sweat.

lupowolf7 years ago / #805

The New Year inspires.
Gyms fill up with sweaty folks.
I eat a cookie.

lupowolf7 years ago / #804

This cheap plastic fork
Can’t penetrate carrots.
I stab anyway.

fauve7 years ago / #802

girls will let you touch
if you love them; boys will love
you if you touch them.

fauve7 years ago / #801

i do not know where
all the haikuers have gone.
out for sushi, right?
mattmchugh.com7 years ago / #797

Doesn't anyone
"heart" haiku anymore? Is
brevity passé?

Hardly Stable
Hardly Stable7 years ago / #796

Waterparks, a place
Where splashes and doughnuts meet
To play, stay, eat, greet

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