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The New York Jets stink.
Why do I follow them, help.
Geno Smith can't throw.

laidback learners
laidback learners4 years ago / #962

It seems dead 'round here...
Is anybody out there?
Please send a message.

laidback learners
laidback learners4 years ago / #961

it's that time of year...
everything is "Mama, I
want this for Christmas!"

SUNOKO5 years ago / #960

My roommate plays sims
While I watch funny movies
This is happiness

SUNOKO5 years ago / #959

I don't want to write
My dumb English paper, but
I don't want to fail

SUNOKO5 years ago / #958

Keep your head up, Mo.
Things will get better, trust me.
I've been there before.

Poeticmusic5 years ago / #957

Solitary me
Filled with affection and love
Again, rejection

Poeticmusic5 years ago / #956

A vast empty void
Loneliness my companion
Solitary me

Todd Bawws
Todd Bawws5 years ago / #954

The Story of Hulse:
Bombay, Sesh, Lou, Turn Up, Cougs
Chatham Pulse 4 Lyfe

thePoetess6 years ago / #949

timeless memories
unforgetable angel
only in the past

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